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The Treman Center HistoryThe Story of the Barn

The enchanting environments that form the interior and exterior spaces of The Treman Center represent the shared vision of husband-and-wife team Kevin Reilly, stonemason, artist and builder, and Leslie Reilly Carrère, artist, designer, ecologist, and curator.

Kevin became interested in the original barn in 2007 in Newfield, New York.  It was a 19th century threshing barn in a state of decay with a stream running through it.  But Kevin could envision its promise from the start, and he visited the structure again and again, picturing what it could be, down to the finest of details.

After purchasing the barn, he and a team of experts dismantled it into hundreds of pieces. Three semi trucks transported them to their current site on the edge of Treman State Park, where they were painstakingly reassembled on a new stone foundation – a process that took six months.

Kevin’s original idea was to rebuild the barn into his private home.  But “it very quickly became too special,” he says.  “It had to be a place to share with many.” Both Kevin and Leslie deeply felt that “it was meant for a higher purpose, greater than a home,” and so after ten years of construction, it is now being transformed from a residential environment to an innovative gathering place.

The Treman Center that emerged from the planks and beams is a three-story, 6,000-square-foot marvel.  Kevin describes it as “agricultural and playful,” authentically assembled with mortise and tenon, post and beam construction.  At the same time, it is the epitome of green design, with high-technology electricity, radiant heat, and airtight strength and efficiency.

The inspiring grounds feature beautiful Tuscan courtyards with an exquisite stone reflecting pool surrounded by 12 foot walls and fabulous landscaping. The large stone circle with a fire pit is enchanting for night time gatherings under the stars.

Its notable inside features include four massive fireplaces, each with its own unique design and 3,000-pound hearthstone, and a ground floor assembled out of 200-year-old, hand-cut stones.  Each floor has a completely different look and feeling. The interior has Kevin and Leslie’s signature style of simplicity, elegance, and whimsy. Together, Kevin and Leslie have envisioned the Center with acres of exterior gardens.

The Center, they emphasize, is more than a magical space for gatherings and celebrations.  It is a testament to the area’s diverse community of local craftsmen.  At least 50 artisans and tradespeople – carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, masons, and more – have had a hand in making the Treman Center come alive.  “It has been a joy and an honor,” say Kevin and Leslie, “to collaborate with such a generous community of sophisticated, high-end artists.”




Reilly & Carrère

Kevin Reilly has been honored by many in the region over the past 35 years for his high end stone masonry and artistic endeavors. From fountains, grand fireplaces, courtyards, award winning houses and pools, he leaves his unique style of “romancing the stone” wherever he goes. The Treman Center is a tribute to his craftsmanship, years of experience and vision working with many of the finest craftsmen and women in the Finger Lakes region.

The Treman Center owners, Kevin Reilly and Leslie CarrereLeslie has 35 years experience in marketing, project development, public relations, and environmental education. Her education, graduate work in both the sciences and the arts and her commitment towards environmental and social change has fostered her engagement in working collaboratively in partnerships with individuals, and community groups on a local and global level. She co-founded the NFP Restore the Earth Foundation, reforesting thousands of acres of Gulf Coast communities before moving on to launch the Treman Center.

Together, the Reilly’s are building a world-class center set in an agriculturally supportive environment. It serves as a creative space for innovative change, bringing together the people and ideas necessary for a more sustainable future.